How does Snowball work?
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Snowball offers tools and a community to help you tackle debt and build wealth. You can find the Snowball app on the web and the on the Apple App Store.

Here's our free offerings:

  • Track your net worth for free. You can integrate your assets and debt accounts to track how your net worth is changing over time.

  • Keep tabs on your student loans (Web only). Stay on top of your debt and understand your options to save money through refinancing, federal programs, and more.

  • Meet your financial goals with Challenges. You can join a money challenge to jumpstart your savings or pay down debt. We offer challenges every month, you can customize the amount you're trying to save or pay off, and select the account you'd like to track.

  • Join a supportive money community. You can find money communities in the iOS App and Slack.

Additionally, we offer a Paid Membership with Snowball Premium. WIth Premium, you get:

  • 1-1 money coaching session every 90 days

  • Weekly 1:1 text check-in on goals

  • A private financial community

  • Access to exclusive events and workshops

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